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AI Green Energy Supplement 2022
Access International’s Green Energy Supplement is a comprehensive and unique digital publication that delves into low emission equipment and sustainability developments from across the access industry.Find out about the challenges in growing the use of electric and hybrid equipment around the world and how companies in the access manufacturing and rental sectors see the way ahead.
How achievement awards contribute to the rental industry
Appleton Column: What are industry awards really for, and how do judges know true achievement when they see it?
How to improve sustainable practices in rental
Appleton Column: When it comes to sustainability in the equipment rental sector, Kevin Appleton says businesses should stop the virtue-signalling and look for meaningful actions
Webinar: Access and the road to recovery
A panel of leading access industry experts discussed the effects of Covid-19 on the industry. Watch a recording here
Access Yearbook 2019-2020
KHL Group’s The Access Yearbook 2019-20 provides information on suppliers and equipment used in the global access sector, along with full market information.
Access50 Rental Fleets 2019
Find out what’s new in the fast-changing global MEWP rental sector. This year’s access50 listing of the world’s largest access rental companies, ranked by fleet size, is as illuminating as ever.
The pace of change
Kevin Appleton discusses the impact that technology has had on service industries and the rental sector in particular
Preparing for peak demand
In the last issue, Kevin Appleton shared four of his seven key beliefs about how leadership attitudes and priorities help create a healthy business culture. Now it’s time for the last three.
Six steps to acquisition failure
Kevin Appleton has made his fair share of acquisitions over the years. Here, he offers his guide on common pitfalls to avoid.
Safety first? Is it possible for a rental business to focus too much on safety?
Safety first? Is it possible for a rental business to focus too much on safety? No, says Kevin Appleton.
How to survive in a depressed market
Appleton Column: Why waiting for business to return to ‘normal’ isn’t the answer 
What small rental companies can teach us
Appleton column: How larger firms can benefit from the example of small, family-owned rental businesses
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